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Innovator Applications

I am Innovative.

Fortunis Capital is a Home Office approved Innovator Visa Endorser. 

We are actively seeking innovative and scalable business proposals from motivated individuals & teams.  While we don't focus on specific industries and are commercially minded, we always look for additional positive outcomes that will benefit the wider society.  As such we look for proposals that are not only scalable, but aim to create local employment and have a robust environmental policy.

Applicants should be aware that as a PE Firm we will invest alongside our Innovator's and part of that Investment will mean we closely monitor the growth and progress of the business, whilst ensuring the correct policies and procedures are implemented and maintained.  The process really helps our innovators attain their targets and eventually exceed them.  

Applicants will need to have a Synopsis that clearly sets out their concept, and a detailed Business Plan supported by Integrated Financial Forecasts. Fortunis Capital enjoys working with motivated and committed individuals & teams to achieve success.  All applicants should be prepared for the workload that comes with building such a business.  Initial enquiries should be made by email to i-am-innovative@fortuniscapital.co.uk.


Stages to achieving Endorsement:


Stage 1 - Eligibility.

You should have made checks that you are eligible as an individual to apply to the Home Office for the Tier 1 Innovator Visa before you contact us.


Stage 2 - Concept and Business Plan Approval.

We have an initial consultation where you can pitch your concept and business plan, if we feel it is appropriate to take the proposal forward we will spend time with you to fully understand your model, the cashflows, and other requirements we deem necessary to make sure your concept has the best chance of being successful.  This stage generally takes 4 weeks.


Stage 3 - Full KYC and Due Diligence.

We are going to need to know everything about you and the source of your Funds.  This process can be completed in 2 weeks if documents are in order and is normally run concurrently with Stage 2.


Stage 4 - Visa Application.

Having successfully passed stages 1-3, your Immigration Law Firm or representative will lodge your Visa application with the Home Office, using one of our secure endorsement reference numbers the Home Office have issued to us.  You will need to address any questions regarding this stage to your chosen representative.


Stage 5 - Approval & Contracts.

Having successfully been approved by the Home Office we will now finalise our contracts with you.  One your contracts are signed, you are officially welcomed to Fortunis Capital and will be ready to begin deploying your Investment Funds and developing your concept. We can complete the process (excluding time for Visa applications) in 4-6 weeks if all documents are in order.  We encourage our applicants to be as organised as possible prior to applying to avoid early refusal.  If you feel you would benefit from a Pre-Application Check List, please download here:


Ready to apply? 

Simply fill in the form below and press send and we will get back to you shortly regarding your enquiry.